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  ~ Functional Fitness & Personal Training 

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~ Yoga, Meditation and Breath-work

~ Natural Hormonal Balancing 

~ Relationship Coaching (MarsVenus Certified)

~ Postural Alignment & Joint Health

~ Authentic Relating tools for creating Intimacy, Understanding and Conflict Resolution   

Welcome to Life Force Wellness!


Hello dear friend! Welcome to Life Force Wellness where you can find the information about my one-on-one coaching, group workshops and destination retreats that can help you on your path to the optimal health, fitness and harmonious relationships. 

I work with women and men, however women have been neglecting understanding their hormones and importance of embracing feminine energies within - therefore I dedicate a big part of my coaching to female hormonal balancing and helping women to get to their feminine side.

For women, all of our systems depend and fluctuate in response to our monthly hormonal changes

When your hormones are in balance you are feeling healthy, fit, emotionally stable, creative, loving and joyful…you feel good at every day of your month!

Knowing how to support your hormones in every phase of your monthly cycle is extremely important for your longevity, vitality, beauty, mental and emotional health, disease prevention in the long run as well as for creating harmonious relationships, enjoying great sex and fulfilling career. 

In my experience these aspects of a healthy lifestyle all influence each other, and just like a healthy mental state can not exist in an unhealthy body, healthy harmonious relationships can help you balance your hormones and enjoy more fulfilling life. 

There is an art and science to each of these aspects and I am eager to share my knowledge and expertise with you. Start by grabbing the free e-book below and signing up for my Lunar Woman workshop to learn more about female cycle biohacking.

As a MarsVenus Relationship coach I am excited to bring this important aspect to my health and fitness coaching. If you would like a free one-on-one Clarity session - contact me for a short questionary to start your journey. 

The yoga retreat at Anamaya with Elena will always be one of my favorite vacations. My friend and I choose the retreat with the intention of doing yoga as much as possible. We’re intermediate yogis and wanted to improve our practice over the course of the week. We could not have asked for a better teacher than Elena. Our morning yoga sessions were a balanced practice. Elena took us through some creative vinyasa sequences, in addition to letting our group work on the poses we asked her help with. Our evening yoga sessions were peaceful- full of deep stretches and relaxed breathing. It was a wonderful end to every hot Costa Rican day. By the end of the week, my friend and I were very thankful that we had the opportunity- the fateful chance- to work with Elena and vacation at Anamaya. We’re already looking into finding future retreats with her, and would love to experience the magic she created in Costa Rica again.

Nicole Charette, Educator at MESA Charter High School