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Hello:) I am Elena

I am dedicated to inspiring, educating and guiding you into your optimal health, vitality and happiness! You are in the right place if:

  • You are a woman, still trying to get fit and healthy in a masculine way, and not getting the desired results - feeling there must be more to it than just exercise more/eat less ;)
  • Feeling overwhelmed and tired, can not relax your mind and connect to your flowing feminine side
  • Feeling moody, experiencing PMS and menstrual cramps 
  • Can't attract a right partner or loosing passion and sex drive in the relationship
  • You are a man who wants to understand physical, emotional and hormonal gender differences in order to create a healthy lifestyle and harmonious relationships, balance his masculine and feminine sides 

In my coaching program you will learn and implement best biohacking practices in fitness, nutrition and hormonal balancing based on your unique needs, desires and goals. 

You will also learn how to bring harmony and fulfillment into your relationships through understanding yourself and your partner on different levels: hormonal, emotional and spiritual. 

I will be your guide, coach and accountability partner in the areas of: exercise, nutrition, wellness practices, effective biohacking, hormonal balancing, yoga & spiritual practices, gender intelligence & relationships 

Are you ready for positive healthy changes?

To love one is to know one.  If you are struggling with weight and health issues, mood swings, crams, unstable energy level, irritability, loss of passion in your relationships - you probably are not listening to what your body and soul are trying to tell you. 

Fill out this form below for a complementary Discovery call with me - you can't go where you want to be if you don't know where you are now. 


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Why coaching with me?

I am passionate about helping women to get to their feminine side, balance their hormones and create healthy fit sexy bodies, joyful minds and fulfilling relationships. 

Working in the area of fitness and wellness for over 20 years I am ready to share with you practices that are tested by time and my own mistakes (so you don't have to make them). Being a 43 years old woman I know what women are struggling with: the emotional and hormonal roller coasters, energy level challenges, PMS, menstrual discomforts, loss of passion in relationships, inability to follow fitness and nutrition protocols that supposed to work (and they work, but mostly for men), not understanding the elegant hormonal flow of monthly cycle and how it affects my physical and emotional needs, thinking I am just like a small man:)  

Credentials, Education & Experience 

  • Kinesiology degree from York University 
  • MarsVenus Relationships & Gender Intelligence Coach (with John Gray)
  • ACE Personal Training and Nutrition 
  • Multiple Fitness Certifications (Zumba, Paul Chek etc)
  • Yoga Alliance Teacher
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher (with Golden Bridge, Gurmukh )
  • Hatha Yoga Teacher (Sivananada School)
  • Creator on Tantra Dance and Sensual Bellydance 
  • Yoga Retreats Teacher in Costa Rica and Canada
  • Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor (over 15 years)
  • Yoga/Sound Healing and Women Circles facilitator

My story

I immigrated to Canada in 2000 and decided to follow my passion instead of the path I was on (business/economics) and to learn about fitness, exercise, nutrition. I became a personal trainer and quickly realized that it wasn't enough to be a great trainer. I got into Kinesiology program at York University to learn about the body and athletic training on scientific deep level. At the same time I was exploring all of the fun varieties fitness including Zumba, Pole Dance, HIIT, Weight Training. I partnered up with Flirty Girl Fitness and was creating workouts for women that were also connecting them with their feminine sensuality (pole dance, chair dance, strip aerobics etc). Working as A Personal Trainer I noticed that for my female clients it wasn't enough just to work out hard and eat clean. Some women would have a stubborn weight that wouldn't go away easily and also were struggling with other health and hormonal issues. Trying to stick to strict workout regimen or specific diet was really hard and the results were not as fast and pronounces as for the male clients. I started my research on hormonal balancing for women that eventually lead me to Mars Venus Coaching where I learned how to educate on gender intelligence and hormonal needs, and how to support them with correct exercise, nutrition and relationship behaviours at different phases of the monthly cycle, guided by our hormonal needs. I love helping women to connect to their feminine side so they enjoyed reduced stress level, increased energy and joy, desired weight and fitness, fulfilling connections with their partners, friends and family. 

Main Pillars of Coaching 

Accountability ~ Clarity ~ Planning ~ Step-by-step Implementation ~ Structure ~ Results 

Guiding you into Wellbeing in these areas of your life:

Hormonal Balancing and Feminine Flow Connection

Fitness and Nutrition 

based on your unique needs and goals  

Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation  Balancing Divine Feminine&Masculine 

Gender Intelligence 

Creating Fulfilling Relationships and Sacred Union