Life Force Wellness

New Wellness Journey 

to your optimal  fitness, vitality, joy

and harmonious relationships

~ sta‚Äčrting May 2022 ~

Hormonal Balancing for Women 

3-month journey 

(weekly 60-min private sessions + group container)

to create & embody your desired level of vitality and fitness; 

to re-claim your joy, sensuality and feminine glow; 

to experience more intimacy  and passion in your relationships;

to expend capacity for pleasure, love and connection!


By learning about the phases of your monthly cycle as seasons and optimizing your exercises, nutrition, social life, relationship behaviours, self-care practices and other activities to support your hormones.

Weekly 60-min Personal Coaching

  • Personal monthly cycle optimization 
  • Personalized Exercise and Nutrition plan
  • Personalized Yoga and Meditation program
  • Personalized Divine Feminine practices
  • Relationships Coaching
  • Access to all of the group content 

Price: $449 per month

($50 per month  group only available)

Private Facebook Group 

  • Weekly Facebook Lives and Zoom calls 
  • Fun and simple educational videos on hormonal balancing
  • Exercise and Yoga videos
  • Sensual bellydance techniques 
  • Full Moon circles 
  • Gender intelligence and Relationships discussions 
  • Q&A sessions
  • Guest speakers

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